Jewelry care

It is natural for the metal to oxidize or tarnish overtime when exposed to body oils, oxygen or moisture. To keep your piece at its best, avoid contact with water, lotions, perfumes, hairspray or any liquid. Protect jewelry from extreme temperatures, rough or hard surfaces. Gently polish with a cotton cloth.

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Clothing care

Wear more wash less, the less you wash your clothes the longer they will last choose airing over washing - a refresher spray will give a freshly washed scent -  spot treat any stains and avoid dry cleaning. All fabric is machine washable, unless stated otherwise. Wash on a gentle cycle with cool water. Make everyday life sustainable and hassle free. Develop a relationship with your clothes allow styling to become an essential part of a conscious closet; it's all about experimentation and avoiding routine consumption.


Shoe Care

All mules are constructed with leather soles and can be worn indoor and outdoor.  Protect against moisture and debris by treating suede and leather babouches with a protective shoe spray for maximum protection against wear and weather.