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meet ndi

I'm an avid collector of sorts, inspired by culture, texture, and color. Cinema, music, writing, and photography are passions that help to induce my concepts. From an early age, I’ve had a love for jewelry, invading my Grandmothers jewelry box of strung pearls, vintage pendants, and clip-on jewels. I remember helping my mother and her best friend merchandise their brick and mortar when I was a preteen. Fascinated by their resale finds, and observing the way my Mother sourced and styled; set the stage for my future. Self taught, I began designing jewelry in 2007 and clothing in 2010, using any and all resources available as experimentation, this has created a staple in my brands aesthetic.



Tribe and Sol is an online souk based in Houston, Texas that provides size inclusive offerings and jewelry with organic shapes, inspired by calligraphy. Every piece thoughtfully embraces all cultures and all curves for everyday people, that transforms casual and comfort. The design process is grounded in spirituality, and history. African roots are the thread of the brand’s aesthetic. Asian culture shapes the identity, with silhouettes from vintage eras, immersing into fashion and the culture they represent; through versatility and functionality to enhance the ease of life. Each individual defines their own standard of beauty with the use of style as a sanctuary for balancing movement and meaning.